Curation of IDEAS


The Cosmopolite Project provides cultural intelligence, insight curation and creative strategies to clients looking to better shape their futures.   By creating a meaningful frame for evaluating options, we help clients make better decisions. A boutique firm at the intersection of creative strategy and execution, our specialty is decoding cultural shifts and leveraging the power of visual storytelling to create positive momentum. 

Why focus on culture?

Because culture is the current that humans swim in – it is a shortcut to human values and motivation.  Hard to get where you want to go if you are swimming against the current.  Cultural fluency creates flow and relevance in a noisy marketplace.  Our team of curators, designers and artists offer cultural literacy and originality.  We enthusiastically team with globally minded clients to make good things happen.

Pattern Recognition = Symbolic Sight

Data scientists call it “pattern recognition”, artists call it “symbolic sight”- both provide tools to see the human experience more clearly.  Our analysis weaves together both science and intuition to unearth what is happening behind the scenes. From identifying macro trends to observing field metrics, we scout what is brewing on the front lines.  Our pragmatic reports deliver global insights that spark fresh thinking, and move ideas from concept to execution utilizing the oldest communications technology – visual storytelling.  

The Visual > The Verbal

In our “attention deficit” culture, it is helpful to remember visual language preceded the verbal one.  From cave drawings to behavioral economics, we know that effective communication appeals to the non-verbal part of the brain.  Images cut through cognitive mazes and engage people more deeply or - fall flat.  The creation of impactful sensory experiences and content relies on a highly sophisticated process of selection, one that is sensitive to context and cultural relevance.

Whether curating exhibitions, immersive experiences, short documentaries or bespoke presentations, we elevate insights into compelling narratives able to move audiences. 


Founded in 2011 by Maryna Hrushetska, a curator, researcher and storyteller, The Cosmopolite Project aims to offer a practical framework for embracing ethical global citizenship in an interconnected and confused world. 


  • Qualitative research

  • Ethnographic research and fieldwork

  • Concept development/Ideation

  • Design research for product development

  • Branded Environments/Creative Placemaking

  • Cultural advisor for Film & Fashion

If you are looking for a dynamic team to take your project to the next level,  drop us a note here to get a conversation started. 


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Background Image: AMANDA CURRER