ART PICKS | black & white

When I got a call from longtime clients asking me to curate a selection of art for their new loft, I was excited until I heard:  “We want to stick to black & white with a focus on non-narrative art “.


My aesthetic leans towards colorful, bold art with a strong narrative.   I have filled their family home with this sort of art and they love it.  I was confused about their request, but also curious.  The best way I know to navigate confusion is by asking questions.  Getting clients to respond with WOW is about translating their subconscious desires into physical reality.   Tapping into the secret language of desire, emotions, is the first step.  

After long conversation, I realized that my client's life was full of grey areas and that both excited and scared them.  As the last of their four children headed off to college in the fall, the loft represented a sort of bridge to a new life phase.  Their large family home, 35 miles outside of Chicago, would remain the central station of their rich and complicated lives.   The 1,850-sqft city loft was a distinctive space carved for husband and wife, man and woman, explorer and dreamer.  They wanted to re-balance the inner workings of their lives after 30 years of juggling demanding careers and raising a family.  The loft wasn’t supposed to FEEL like the family home.  The goal was to create a space for emerging possibilities, while honoring the foundations of their lives. 

Getting an assignment with such a tight curatorial frame, also hit my aesthetic refresh button.   Constraints tend to squeeze more creativity out of you while nudging you out of your comfort zone.   At first I resisted the “black & white” theme, until I dove deeper into mood, texture, material and artistic intent.  In the end, the assignment was one of the most delightful ones I have had in recent years.   It also made me reflect on how important it was to face each life phase with honesty and curiosity.  

Enjoy a peek at some of the works considered for the loft.